Lotus Notes to Outlook Calendar converter

Status: This project is not actively developed, but the code is "out there" in the Subversion repo for people to use if they want.

SF.net project page

Just put the files in a php directory on the web server and then use the following basic instructions.

  1. select your personal calendar in Lotus
  2. File -> Export
  3. Make sure "Save as type" is "Structured Text"
  4. Save somewhere
  5. Upload to http://myhost/calendar_conversion/
  6. It will give you a file to download; save to your desktop
  7. Open Outlook
  8. (optional; perhaps we should suggest it?) Make a new folder for Calendar entries
  9. File -> Import and Export...
  10. "Import from another program or file"
  11. "Comma Seperated Values (Windows)" (3rd choice)
  12. Select the file you saved to your desktop
  13. "options" doesn't matter
  14. choose your calendar folder
  15. Done!

We were using Lotus Notes 6.5. Some calendars existed back on 5.x, so I'm pretty sure the converter handles those formats, too. If you look at the php code you'll see it's written to also handle some customized calendars we had in Lotus. But that won't affect it's functionality for the personal calendars.

The index.php file tells the user how the calendar events will be converted or not converted